How to Apply


  • An applicant must be a current sophomore or junior in any secondary school and at least 15 years of age at the time of the application deadline (February 22, 2022). Home schoolers are eligible.
  • A student who accepts an invitation to attend the Health Career Scholars Academy must commit to the full residential, four-week long, seven days a week program. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • The application itself also lists grounds for application disqualification, applicant responsibilities and procedures.

Application Process

  1. Download the application:  2022 Application
  2. Personal Data Sheet: includes Student Information (name address, etc) and three essays.
    • Introduce yourself to the selection committee
    • Provide a resume of your extracurricular activities including volunteer work
    • Essay addressing a current health care topic.
  3. Science Teacher Reference Form: have a current, or past science teacher evaluate you
  4. Activity Adviser/Teacher Reference Form: have a current teacher (in any subject except science), extracurricular adviser, or volunteer/service coordinator evaluate you
  5. School Counselor Recommendation Form: counselor provides absence/tardy information, standardized test score information (if available), and a grade transcript.
  6. Complete and send with Financial Aid (if requesting).

Financial Aid 

  1. 2022 Financial Aid Application
  2. Complete and send with application.

Chief Essay

Choose one of the following essay themes:

  1. Select a current issue related to health care. Explain your interest in the issue; discuss the problems, and possible approaches or solutions you recommend. You may select one topic from the suggestions below or one of your own choosing (the topic must be health care related).
    • Health Care Issues in My Local Community (identify one issue)
    • Ethics and Health Care
    • The Biggest Challenge Facing Health Care Professionals Today
  2. Select and discuss a national health care concern that also affects your local community. Provide evidence that this is a legitimate concern and propose a solution to address the problem.