Alumni Testimonials

Student comments 2016


"UPHCSA, specifically the Blood Money simulation game, helped me realize that all patients I come in contact with will not necessarily speak English. There will be ways to get around the language barrier, but it will not be the same. Since UPHCSA I have been thinking about the importance of learning a new language so that I can communicate with my future patients. Shortly after I returned from the program, I was offered a job at the physical therapy office where I previously volunteered. An interaction with a patient who spoke Italian has reinforced the motivation found at UPHCSA to learn a new language. Thank you for everything during the program. I really am a changed person after those intense four weeks."


Student comments 2014

"The program prompted me to be open-minded and consider everything I was exposed to during the 4 weeks."

"This program prepared me to further my education, and inspired me to want to learn more, to continue saving lives in a more and more educated fashion.  I appreciate the opportunities to make decisions on our own, learning maturity and time management."

"I enjoyed absorbing all of this new material and I feel that I have learned a lot and furthered my knowledge about many different topics. I came to understand so many new things, and I now have a lot of new interests.  UPHCSA as further prepared me for my college education, and I am excited to take my newfound knowledge into a different setting.  UPHCSA was academically sound and socially interactive."

Student comments: 2013

“I want to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the University of Pittsburgh Health Careers Scholars Academy!  This UPHCSA program was one of the best experiences I have been a part of.  Meeting new friends and learning about the myriad of health care careers was eye opening for me.  I had such a wonderful time getting to know what a dentist, physical therapist, physician assistant, or a nurse does to name a few.  This experience helped me find out that health care is the right career for me.  Without this program, I would not feel as confident in choosing my career path in the health care field. “

“I'd just like to extend my sincerest "thank you" for what UPHCSA has done for me. Coming back from UPHCSA, I realized that there is nothing I want more than to be a doctor and now I know that I will let nothing get in the way of my achieving that goal.” 

“Now that UPHCSA is over and everyone is safely home, I just wanted to say thank you.  I’ve never attended a program like UPHCSA and the closing ceremony showed it.  I’ve never gotten so attached to a group of people that I cry when it’s over.  I know everyone else feels the same way from the emails, texts, and messages I’ve been getting.  Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for providing us with this opportunity.  Everyone appreciated it more than we expressed it and I hope that you know how much we appreciated your efforts.  UPHCSA has definitely changed me as a person.   My parents have said that I seem more mature and responsible, but at the same time, smile and laugh more.  That is what UPHCSA has done for me.  I can now look back and say that this has been the best summer of my life yet and I’ve made more friends here than I have in a lifetime.  It’s been an incredible experience and I cannot express in words, how grateful I am for this opportunity.  I’m sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I’ve made a hundred new lifetime friends and found a hundred new teachers.  Thank you for your superior efforts to run this program.  They have made all the difference to 111 students and their families. So, thank you for showing me just how much I want a future in healthcare.”

“The UPHCSA program greatly affected my life. I had such a positive living & learning experience.  The program is quite reputable and I am proud, even privileged, to have been a part of it in 2013.”

Student comments: 2012

“It was an experience that definitely characterized a turning point in my life to adulthood. Always having had a weakness is going out of my shell and trying new things, the program definitely opened my eyes to a new place but also a new part of me that is comfortable with meeting new people and experiencing new things, and this truly is due to your efforts in the program.”

“In addition to providing a broad insight into many aspects of healthcare, UPHCSA also taught me valuable time management skills that continue to be beneficial in college today.  UPHCSA also confirmed my decision to pursue a career in healthcare.”

“I want to thank you for organizing UPHCSA. It definitely changed my life.  Because of UPHCSA, I was able to explore the different areas in the health care field, including areas that I do not usually hear much about, such as occupational therapy and bioengineering.  Besides the learning, UPHCSA gave me a taste of what it is like to live in the dorms and the opportunity to make new friends.  UPHCSA also provided shadow opportunities; one of them was shadowing a physical therapist, a career I was interested in.  After my shadow day was over, I realized I wanted to pursue a career as a physical therapist.”

“I would again like to thank you for making UPHCSA one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learned not only about the health care field, but about myself as a person as well. I have matured as a person and as a student throughout the program.”

“I am truly grateful that this program was able to survive beyond its time as a governor's school because it has truly shaped the way I will approach my future in college, in the health care field, and in life.”

Student comments: 2011

“I would like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend the University of Pittsburgh Health Scholars Academy. Since my career aspiration is to go into medicine, this program really helped me learn about fields in medicine which even help maintain the health of a patient in the most subtle way.  I decided to send this email after school started so I can tell you about the ways this program has helped me in my academics. First, the Mental Health Concentration Course really helped me understand the basis of Psychology for the AP Psychology course I am taking this year. Also, I really liked my Biomedical Ethics class as it made me realize the complexity of the decisions made in medicine. John really helped me exit my comfort zone by making us place our opinions in front of other people, and to understanding both sides of each decision thoroughly.   As this program was my first summer venture away from home, I really enjoyed having the experience of dorm life early as it helped me meet new friends from other places, and helped me understand the problems of my work ethic to make my work quality better and more efficient. I cannot thank you enough for this experience. After this program I am sure to enter the medical field, and I am really interested in coming to the University of Pittsburgh to do so.  Thank you very much for this opportunity as it was a once in a lifetime program and I will always cherish they memories made there.”

“Thank you for the wonderful experience that UPHCSA 2011 gave me.”

Student comments: 2009

“UPHCSA provided me the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the multifaceted nature of medicine and patient care, all while interacting with like-minded, dedicated peers!  I will definitely take the lessons and experiences from UPHCSA to medical school and beyond! “

“It gave me so many wonderful experiences and memories that I'll take along with me through my life and into my career.”

“By going to UPHCSA I have already been introduced to many of the things that we are taught and I am able to incorporate this into my class.  It has made the class very easy for me and it also helped me relate better to different experiences we go through while shadowing.  I cannot imagine a life without UPHCSA.  It gave me so much and someday I hope to pay it forward by helping others through becoming a health care professional.”

“I would just like to say that UPHCSA was a tremendous help with the transition to college.”

“The program was, without a doubt, life-changing, and I never thought that I would learn so much!  UPHCSA broadened my perspective and reaffirmed my desire to seek a career in public health.  Thank you for everything, from the site visits, speakers, and classes to the sheer logistics of successfully keeping over one hundred teenagers cared for and safe for nearly a month.  The experience was truly remarkable :)”

“I also have a quick story that deals with some recent stitches I received. I was taking down a fence and a nail popped out and struck me in the eye, everything is okay but the experience was fairly funny. I went to the hospital with my mom and eventually started talking to the plastic surgeon as he stitched me up. I regaled the story about UPHCSA and more specifically the pigs foot. He didn't believe I knew how to do stitches so I showed him, on myself. This was about 5 days after coming back from the program, I never had any clue that the information we learned would be so useful so soon. So once again thank you for everything and I will try to keep in touch.”

Student comments: 2008

"I am also glad that even after state funding was cut, this program continues to occur each summer.  It really is something that I wish all high school students with an interest in health care could experience because it is so pivotal to their education."